Thursday, December 16, 2010

Portion of article re T-Mobile Cell Tower in Medford, NJ

Lieberman says he does not object to T-Mobile building a cell tower in Medford but does not feel the land in question is the right location.

It should be in a more isolated area. From a land use perspective, a residential community is not a good place for an industrial application of this kind. There is a need to find a place where a tower would be less intrusive and not have such a large visual and audible (due to the generator) impact on natural resources.”

* * *

We agree. At the Monmouth Church of Christ, the cell tower will be only 120 feet to the nearest residence. How about that large visual and audible impact? Does T-Mobile make any effort at proper placement of towers, or do they just say we have the Telecommunications Act of 1996 behind us, so screw your zoning laws, we dare you to stop us?

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