Monday, December 6, 2010

Discrepancies in Plan Drawings by T-Mobile

Notice how in the first diagram of the fall-out zone from the cell tower, the 120-foot radius just about touches the property line of Lot 12.

Now notice in the second diagram from the cell tower to Lot 12, the same measurement from the pole to the property line of Lot 12 listed at 155.1 feet.

The same measurement, two different numbers?? So we measured it and it was 124 feet consistent with the first drawing. T-Mobile's site engineer testified about noise standards at 155 feet to the nearest property and that they were within the decibel standards for the State of NJ. How about at the true measurement of 124 feet, and actually the equipment cabinets would be 114 feet from the nearest residence, do they still meet the standards? Was this an intentional misrepresentation or an honest mistake??

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