Saturday, November 27, 2010

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  1. T-Mobile is apparently in the Cell Tower business. Every time you hear about citizens fighting against the exploitation of cell towers in residential neighborhoods, it’s against none other than “T-Mobile”. This company makes a business attempting to erect their towers in areas that are understandably “off-limits” to all other carriers. They accomplish this by specifically targeting neighborhood churches with the notion that communities will not fight against their own church. The economical truth is that church attendance is down, thus church donations are going down with it. This is the trend with each passing year, so churches make an easy target for T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile makes a business out of targeting the churches that are desperately trying just to “hang-on” well beyond their means to stay financially solvent in a time when people are becoming less and less committed to their local church.

    So why is T-Mobile making a business out of this – because it is very lucrative, that’s why!! They erect a tower and then rent space to all the other carriers on that tower for a lot of money. That’s their business model. If you can’t compete against the other larger carriers for new customers, then change your business model.

    Today, more and more people have cell phones. Statistically speaking, the average kid gets their first cell phone at age eight (8). The newest trend is to get cell phones that are also computer phones, which transfer data through the airwaves. Kids text message more than any other demographic, so the need to transfer data is here now and growing everyday. So what does this mean for cell towers? This means that they will need more and more cell towers everywhere!!! This is because data transfer is not like cell phone reception, it has to be really good to be effective. The only way it’s going to be good is if you have more towers. The more towers, the more money for T-Mobile. Oh, did I forget to mention that data phone plans are nearly three-times the amount of a basic cell phone plan. So you now can see what T-Mobile’s unscrupulous business model really is all about – THE MONEY!!

    Keep your eyes and ears open in your neighborhood - because a cell tower is coming soon – you can bank on it!