Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another church that actually reaches out to the community (unlike Monmouth Church of Christ)

Monmouth Church of Christ went ahead with this application without one iota of community outreach, no response to any meeting requests, no answers to any e-mails. Why no outreach at all? Can't they at least hear our concerns and have a dialogue? At the third Zoning Board meeting, Pastor Rix came in with about eight other leaders of the church, testified as to contractual issues for about 15 minutes, and then the entire church delegation immediately got up and left when he was done and didn't even see fit to be inconvenienced to stay for the meeting.

Cell tower concerns the parents at St. Andrew's

By Brian Babcock

Posted: 11/08/2010 07:31:32 PM PST

Parents of students attending St. Andrew's Episcopal School have expressed their concerns about St. Andrew's Episcopal Church's plan to allow T-Mobile to construct a cell phone tower in a church steeple. And school and church administrators have listened.

A lawyer has been hired by St. Andrew's to "reach out to T-Mobile" in hopes of terminating the contract the church signed with the telecommunications company last year.

"I always want to pay close attention to the feelings of the community," said Harry McKay, head of schools at St. Andrew's.

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